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Student School Balance (CELB-001) - This scales is ideal for general purpose weighing in laboratory environments at a very affordable price with no loss in total weighing and tare functionality.

* Only two function keys
* Very easy to use
* Plus/minus weighing from a set weight
* Adjustment program CAL
* Battery powered (supplied) or by optional AC/DC power adaptor
* Impact resistant ABS case with non-slip rubber feet
* Splash-proof membrane keypad



Analytical Balance (CELB-002) : A range of laboratory standard analytical balances supplying value for money, quality and precision.

* LCD display
* Automatic internal calibration of the balances accuracy using a motor driven internal adjusting weight, time-controlled and adjustable between 1h and 9h or due to a change in temperature >3°C
* Piece counting facility with selectable reference quantities and measurement switchable between piece and weight
* Percentage determination function displays deviation from reference weight as a percentage instead of weight
* Can be used for density determination of liquids and solids
* Units of measurement can be switched between several common units of measure, including mg, oz and ct
* Underfloor weighing facility by means of a load support with hook on underside of balance
* Least significant digit can be faded out in order to speed up results
* Sturdy and stable metal casing
* Stainless steel weighing plate
* Levelling feet and levelling indicator
* Powered by supplied mains adaptor
* Glass draft shield supplied with all models


Chemistry - Triple Beam Balance (CELB-003)

The top loading Triple Beam Balance Series is known world wide as for its durability and versatility to accommodate a range of lab applications.

• Durable Stainless Steel platform
• Three notched and tiered beams with center reading
• Spring loaded zero adjust compensator


Chemistry - Quadruple Beam Balance (CELB-004)

With 0.01 gram sensitivity and a 311 gram scale capacity it is ideal for chemistry courses.

It features a 4-beam design with hanging pan, removable stainless steel weigh pan, magnetic dampening and a specific gravity platform for density measurement.




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